I have a Trek Crossrip with Shimano Claris. Front mech is 3 x 8 with 50 / 38 / 30 teeth. I would like to fit a Shimano Alivio chain set with 48 / 36 / 26 teeth, would this be compatible ??

  • What's your goal? Are you looking for lower ratios in the smallest ring? – Argenti Apparatus Sep 10 at 18:13
  • Also, do you know what size cassette you have in the rear? – Argenti Apparatus Sep 10 at 18:19
  • If the Claris crankset uses a "standard" 74mm triple-crankset BCD for the smallest chainring, you should be able to just replace the one chainring with something smaller than a 30t. A 74mm BCD ring can go down to 24t, and would be a lot less expensive than replacing the entire crankset. – Andrew Henle Sep 10 at 19:18

You can most likely fit a MTB triple crank, but it won't really be compatible because MTB triple drivetrains use a chainline of 50mm, whereas road triples use 45mm.

Basically if you fit a MTB triple crank the chainrings will be 5mm too far outboard relative to the cassette sprockets which will make cross-chaining from large chainring to large sprocket very bad, likely give you shifting problems and front derailleur chain-rub issues.

  • I think the chain angle from large ring to small sprocket is going to be improved. What gets worse is large-large. – ojs Sep 10 at 18:30
  • @ojs argh, I meant large sprocket of course – Argenti Apparatus Sep 10 at 18:38

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