I'm looking to buy a replacement cover on my right brake/gear lever which is a Shimano ST2300.

I've found a 'Shimano Bracket-Cover Hood Dual-Control-Lever R9150/R9170' Road-Bike on AliExpress, but I'm not sure it will fit. What are your thoughts please? Kind regards, James.


An ST-R9150/R9170 hood is not going to work on an ST-2300 shifter.

R9150/R9170 is Dura Ace DI2 - electronic shifting. This is an ST-R9170 shifter:

enter image description here

ST-2300 looks like this:

enter image description here

Note the significant differences, especially in the "cap" area, where the ST-R9170 hood extends forward over the top end of the shifter, where on the ST-2300 that same area is a hard Shimano logo.

Your best bet is to look for ST-2300 hoods on large online retailer and auction sites...

  • Thank you for your feedback! I'll keep scouting! Cheers. – James Mark Osborne Sep 19 '19 at 19:01

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