I got myself a bike with Shimano di2, but I am new electric gearing. I have a problem, that Front derailleur (left shifter) is not working. Clicking any of the buttons on the left shifter, does nothing. There is no sound of gear change attempt, no lights come up on the junction box.

Right shifter (back derailleur) is working fine, I've already done ~100km on my new bike using only gears at the back. If I longer press right shifter, junction box indicates green battery light, so I assume that the battery is fine.

Seller forgot to bring me a charger, so I will not have it for at least couple days more.

I tried checking if any of the cables are unplugged, but:

  • Cable on the left shifter hoods (under the rubber) seems to be plugged in
  • 3 cables going into junction box under the stem are plugged in

I took a short video that shows what happens when I try to interact with my left shifter, it is hosted on dropbox. Sorry for the mud, it has been raining.

  • 'seems to be plugged in' isn't enough. Peel the hood back and give the cable a slight tug. It should not budge and sit really tight.You need that special Shimano tool to pull out a cable and you'll have to apply some force. – Carel Nov 3 '19 at 9:20

I've heard of loose connections between the shifters and their cables causing this sort of issue. In one case in particular, the connector didn't latch properly and the bar tape pulled it out, so it would seem OK when tested but not when riding.

In general if you've got battery and part of the system works, the connections are one of the first things to check - the front derailleur connector as well as the shifter connector. Here the lack of an LED on the controller suggests the shifter cable is at fault.

  • Yep, as always with shifter problems, check the cables. – Daniel R Hicks Nov 2 '19 at 20:01
  • The cable could be loose at the lever but also at the FD or in the internal junction box which sits normally in the bottom bracket housing. The best way to test the system is with the charger connected via USB to a PC running Shimano's e-tube software. It will pinpoint the faulty item. (I don't know whether the software works on a MAC.) – Carel Nov 3 '19 at 15:12

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