I plan to buy a Shimano GRX 1x11 groupset. My understanding is that Shimano offer two left-hand shifters:

  • 2-speed for 2x11 setups
  • Dropper-post lever for 1x11 setups with a dropper post

I do not plan to run a dropper post in the future, but I might switch to 2x11 if I decide that 1x11 does not offer enough gears.

It seems more sensible then to buy 2x11 shifters and simply not connect the shifting cable on the 2-speed lever to anything. If I choose to move to 2x11 speed then I do not need to buy any new shifters.

Is there any reason not to do this?


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None that I can think of. It will be much easier to use the 2x shifter, rather than swapping out the dropper lever for a shifter later down the road.

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