Could you tell me what company makes this frame please,it's all alloy with the letter M moulded into it behind the saddle stem shaft but no other markingsenter image description here.t

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    Interesting frame - it does not have provisions for a rear disk brake, but seems to have some odd bosses for rim brakes. The chainstay cutout suggests its a fatbike frame, but there's a cable stop for a front deraileur, which many fatbikes omit for clearance reasons. So its quite an odd combination. – Criggie Jan 6 at 7:14
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    Looks like maybe a trials frame? No seatpost clamp as well, indicating a locked on seat (with expander through the seat)? – Deleted User Jan 6 at 16:17
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    I'd agree with some sort of trials frame as the brake bosses are 4-bolt as used for Magura hydraulic rim brakes and they were very popular for trials bikes. Chain-stay shape would mean you could run big fat trials tyres. Could be a Monty? But that's just a guess based on trials bike and Monty starts with an M. – DecSim Jan 6 at 17:02

Thanks to DecSims comments to the original post I think I'm close.

Here's the logo
enter image description here

It is a Monty trial bike.
The bike pictured is a Monty B221 X-Lite Mod.

My best guess is that it's a 2002 Monty 231 x-lite
Link to the picture enter image description here

Bicycle Blue Book

  • Thank you DecSims,the picture of the blue Monty is identical to the frame,also the M is the same style as the Monty logo,much appreciate you information. Ron. – ronald tredray Jan 8 at 6:33

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