I'm looking to purchase some quality flat pedals for my bike. I've been riding cheap plastic ones and they keep breaking! I am currently looking at the Race Face Aeffect since they are aluminum. Any and all recommendations are appreciated!

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    We don't really do specific product rec or comparisons. Try to make your question a bit more about the features to compare, which makes it more long-term useful to future readers. – Criggie Jan 12 at 8:14
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    I've seen plastic pedals last for decades. – Daniel R Hicks Jan 12 at 15:28

You'll have some things to measure, and some decisions to make.

First, you need to know what the threads on your cranks are. There's a 99% chance they are 9/16" with a tiny chance of 1/2" thread. You need to match whatever interface your cranks have.

You're committed to flat pedals, which does limit things a lot. Don't rule out clipless pedals, or even combo pedals which offer a flat side and a cleat side.

Even in the flat world, there's also a choice between flat and dished (ie your foot has a little shallow bowl to sit in) And you can choose the surface too, from plastic to rubber, to metal. Most forms have a flat and a pinnned or studded interface too, which can be good or bad depending on your needs.

I suggest you pick a budget amount, and go into your LBS and look at what's on offer.

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What are you after? Strength or lightweight?

I have these and they're both. I weigh 105 kg (232 pounds) and have not bent them at all. Probably recommend the titanium axles if you can stretch.


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    Better to focus on reasons why an item fits OP's requirements. This particular item will likely only be available for a short time, so to make the answer more useful in the future, its better to say why they suit. Also editing link to remove your tracking IDs. – Criggie Jan 13 at 18:20

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