I’ve been trying to eliminate crank/bb noise in several different Sugino RD2 cranksets over the years with no luck. Always a faint click, once per revolution on the crankarms.

I’ve tightened EVERYTHING. I’ve tried grease and locktite in different ways on crank bolts and chainring bolts. The mechanics all say everything looks good. I’ve had BB shells faced. I’ve installed the BBs myself, and had shops do it. Always tons of grease. I’ve done this with several frames, and many different pedals.

I’ve heard some say you have to tighten the crank bolts, ride, tighten, ride, tighten, ride, tighten, etc... And I have done that too.

Still a click. I’ve had several of these sets. New. All the same problem.

My understanding is that it’s more difficult to get the system quiet because of reversal of torque from riding and skidding involved in street riding fixed, vs on the track where there’s not much reason to skid in the velodrome.

But I haven’t tried non-Sugino cranksets or bottom brackets.

Is this a common problem to do with all square taper fixed gear street riders, or just Sugino systems?

I have a hard time believing Sugino would continually make a noisy product.

I’ve had several different non-square-taper systems, and they are always quiet. It makes me think square tapers are just bad for street riding fixed.

  • A description of the noise would help – ojs Jan 17 at 8:56
  • It’s a faint click. – BBaysinger Jan 17 at 11:32
  • If everything else has been checked, it's probably the bottom bracket. Track components don't always do well in dirty and wet conditions, so I'd replace the bottom bracket with MTB one. Anything with correct length and thread and JIS taper should work. There are many options, in my experience Shimano BB-UN55 works well, is cheap and available in all possible configurations. – ojs Jan 17 at 11:52
  • Hm, k. I have a non-sugino bb on hand. Maybe I’ll try that before I give up. Will have to wait until the snow melts, haha. They’re 103mm spindle for these, so not a whole lot of options. – BBaysinger Jan 17 at 11:55
  • There are plenty of non-sugino brands out there, and most of them are junk. I'd really recommend buying a quality BB, since they are ridiculously cheap compared to any other component. – ojs Jan 17 at 12:03

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