I wonder if it's possible to somehow upload custom maps to Sigma ROX 12 bike computer? The default map that is available on it for my country is not very good, so I want to customize it.

When I say "maps" I mean maps and not routes.

  • So what country do you live in? Give an example of what kind of custom map you're looking for. – P. Barney 11 hours ago
  • I live in canada. It works fine for me to do. don't know how, but it does!! – i_is_biker 11 hours ago

Check out this review: https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2018/06/sigma-rox-12-0-sport-cycling-gps-in-depth-review.html. His in-depth review states you can create custom maps using Komoot, Strava and AllTrails.

  • This is incorrect information, the device only can import routes from those services, not maps. – Gill Bates 20 hours ago
  • You are correct. I should have asked the OP what they meant by a custom map and what country they reside in. – P. Barney 15 hours ago

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