Looking at the schematics of the sturmey archer S2C hub I noticed this part:

2     HMN425    Brake Adjuster Nut (Xylan) 

And I was wondering, what does it exactly adjust? Does it adjust the brake power? Or just the position of the brake arm? Or something else brake related?

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    You screw it in until the brakes are tight, then back it off a little. – Daniel R Hicks Feb 21 '20 at 13:37
  • So you are saying it's not adjusting, it's more like securing/holding the brake parts? How do you know the brakes are tight? Or do you mean 'until te nut is tight' ? – Sebastian Feb 21 '20 at 13:59
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    If the nut's too tight the brakes wheel won't turn. You want it loose enough that the brakes don''t drag, but tight enough that the brakes work when activated. I learned this when I was about 12. – Daniel R Hicks Feb 21 '20 at 14:19
  • @DanielRHicks is it a bit like the adjuster barrel on road dual pivot brakes, then? – Weiwen Ng Feb 21 '20 at 14:39
  • @WeiwenNg - A little bit. But the hub brake adjustment is far less fussy. – Daniel R Hicks Feb 21 '20 at 17:14

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