I had the serial number and UPC I'm going to attach a photo as well.

enter image description here

If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it if it's a decent bike I can just give it to my son after I fix it up a little bit.

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    davemirra.com Mar 28 '20 at 22:28
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As far as I can tell, its a BMX made by Mirra Bikes, which is now found at http://davemirra.com/ The founder Dave Mirra passed away in 2016 and the site appears to be somewhat dormant.

Beginning in late spring of 2017 the Mirraco brand will be retired.

enter image description here

As for your questions - any bike is better than no bike. Fix it up for/with your son, let him ride and enjoy it. A used bike has relatively low value, they're tools, not assets.

In terms of quality it is a decent bike and is higher than the "BSO" walmart grade, based on the website. Your son will enjoy riding it, and more so can be involved with the fixing-up process.

Valuations are off topic here because they're of limited use, only relevant in your local area, and are highly subjective.

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    "tools, not assets". nice perspective :)
    – Swifty
    Mar 29 '20 at 11:19

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