I have a walking aid called an Alinker http://www.thealinker.com/

It looks like a bicycle but it has no pedals and any bike shop can service it.

My issue is the seat it's a older style so has 2 bolts under the seat mounted on the rails and I accidentally unscrewed all the bolts and the triangle shaped piece came out. I have the piece flipped upwards and its on the bottom of the rails. Can anyone here explain how to put this piece in the correct way. I am attaching a picture of my Alinker and the part in question.

I don't know much about bikes so please explain in easy terms.

enter image description here

image of a Alinker walking bike - cropped

OP's pic of their walker

From other answer

  • We can't see your picture of the bike, and newer models appear to have a different seat clamp scheme. – Daniel R Hicks Apr 8 at 20:05
  • You appear to have a clamp similar to this one: performancebike.com/… – Daniel R Hicks Apr 8 at 22:34
  • Yes exactly!! I am talking about the middle triangular shaped piece.. I am curious how that middle piece goes!! I assume it goes upwards on the bottom of the seat post – Macaulay Dow Apr 9 at 1:26

OK, now I see what you're talking about. I suspect the piece you have should go beneath the seat rails, with the cylindrical section pointing down and nesting in a matching half-cylinder depression in the base of the assembly. The two ends of the piece have grooves (on the opposite side from the cylindrical face) that should accept the rails from the seat.

Then the top piece is bolted down over the rails (with bolts from the bottom).

The purpose of the cylindrical side of the piece you're wondering about is so that that piece can "rock" in the "cradle" created by the base, allowing forward/backward tilt of the seat to be adjusted.

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  • Yes exactly! So how does that piece go besides flipping it upwards – Macaulay Dow Apr 10 at 2:09
  • @MacaulayDow - We need pictures of the pieces. – Daniel R Hicks Apr 10 at 3:01
  • Ok I think I have it fixed – Macaulay Dow Apr 10 at 4:23

Looking at the photos on thealinker.com, the current clamp is a bit like the one in the photo below that I've borrowed to show a close up of something I think is similar..

The plate you have shown a photo of looks to me like one which fits in a dip in the top of the seat post and the two grooves face up with the saddle rails in. Then a second piece with two threaded holes in sits on top of the rails, with the two bolts through, clamping everything together.

The part in question should be flipped up so that the two grooves on the ends are running fore/aft and are able to support the saddle rails, while the large curve drops into the matching curve of the seatpost

Figuring out where the parts go is the first puzzle, the second is convincing them to go where you want them to! Takes a bit of patience and time sometimes.

enter image description here

photo from forums.mtbr.com

enter image description here photo from www.thealinker.com

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  • Yes you are right about the plate.. I just wasn't sure what way it went.. I currently have it flipped upwards but curious if it actually had a right way of going in not the way in the picture.. I know what part goes where just the bottom piece I showed in the post went.. – Macaulay Dow Apr 8 at 21:27
  • @MacaulayDow yes it has to go one way only, I've edited my answer to confirm, but it sounds like you have it the correct way. – Swifty Apr 8 at 21:34
  • Ok I wasn't sure .. – Macaulay Dow Apr 8 at 21:36
  • Does it matter what side is which way ?? – Macaulay Dow Apr 8 at 21:46
  • @MacaulayDow As long as the grooves for the saddle rails are facing up and pointing forwards, it doesn't matter is one groove is on the left and the other on the right, or vice versa, it has a line of symmetry – Swifty Apr 8 at 21:51

This is the best image I can find of the seatpost area for an older style (I don't understand how it's folded up):

(Oops, not an image of a Alinker)

This is the seatpost area of what I believe is the newer tricycle style: enter image description here

OK, and I finally deciphered your original question (I think). You're talking about the clamp that holds the seat to the seatpost. There are several different variations of these. Google "bicycle saddle clamp".

Here's an image of a similar clamp installed: enter image description here

The problem is that there are a dozen different ways that the saddle clamp may attach to vertical seatpost, and we can't tell from the images what technique is being used.

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  • What on earth is going on in that first photo? This appears to be the construction of the frame, not a folded position, but I can't figure out why it would be useful to have the handlebars below and behind the seat, nor how you would be able to turn the crank with the handlebars anywhere but straight forward (backward?). Definitely looks like a trick and not something that would assist anyone in doing anything. – Ian MacDonald Apr 8 at 22:01
  • @IanMacDonald - Yeah, I don't know. When I first grabbed the image off of Google I didn't notice that it was kind of screwed up, so I don't know if it's real or some sort of joke. – Daniel R Hicks Apr 8 at 22:10
  • 2
    Found it. It's not a Alinker, but a Halbrad, and not a walking bike, but a really odd sort of stunt bike: gadgenda.com/halbrad-the-half-wheel-bike (I'll remove the image) – Daniel R Hicks Apr 8 at 22:19
  • Woah that's wild. – Ian MacDonald Apr 8 at 23:45
  • @MacaulayDow - Good luck! – Daniel R Hicks Apr 9 at 1:22

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