My rear derailleur hanger on my Merida Speeder 200 (2019) is slightly bent, resulting in bad shifting across the whole range.

While I found an explanation on how to bend the hanger back I want to buy a spare one in case I need to replace it.

However, I found a lot of different hangers online. Which one do I need?

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I contacted Merida and they told me that I need this hanger which has Merida product ID 2311004627.

Some other links to the same hanger (no affiliation):


This site is a very good source for identifying the hanger you need:


  • Thanks! I did find that site at first, but when filtering by Merida I did not find anything that looked like my hanger, hence I doubted if that site had a complete collection of hangers. Apr 14, 2020 at 12:27

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