My bike wheel was recently stolen and I found this old Bontrager AT-550 wheel in my shed. It's a 29er from my research and I'm wondering what size tyre would fit that would be decently smaller than the current tyre. My bike is a hybrid with a 700cx42c back tyre and the front tyre is 29x2.2 and it would look ridiculous to have a big tyre in the front and small one in the back. I'm sorry for mixing the units the measurement but I'm new to this and would appreciate some help. Thanks!

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    A 29" rim is the same diameter as a 700c rim. The 42 number on your back tire is its (approximate) width in mm and equals 1.65 inches. The difference between 1.65 and 2.2 is not enormous -- it might look a little odd. The bigger question is whether the wider tire and (probably) wider rim will cause clearance problems with fork or brake, and the easiest way to tell that is to try it, if you have the wheel in your hands already. – Daniel R Hicks Apr 17 '20 at 19:50
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    Don't apologize for not understanding bicycle wheel sizes. No one understands them.... – mattnz Apr 17 '20 at 20:37
  • I'm currently using 29er MTB rims with 700c x 35 tires. I'd say that unles your rim is unusually wide, It will fit a tire of this size or wider with no issues. – Jahaziel Apr 17 '20 at 21:47
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    @mattnz - Yep, a 27" inch rim is larger than a 29" rim. – Daniel R Hicks Apr 17 '20 at 21:47
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    Read the duplicates. – Daniel R Hicks Apr 18 '20 at 12:17