I was using this bicycle pump to inflate a ball. I inserted a needle pin to the nozzle, but the needle broke off after trying to insert it into the ball. The base of the needle pin is now stuck in the nozzle. What is the best way to remove the stuck base?

enter image description here

enter image description here


I just had this same thing happen last week. I straightened out a paper clip and bent a small hook in the end. Put the hook through the small hole in the center of the needle base and pull up. It came out pretty easily. Make sure you release the tension on the pump head first.

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  • Noah Sutherlands advice about the torx bit worked. I didn’t even have to hammer it in to use it. I got the smallest one I had and put it down the middle and just slowly pulled it back out thanks so much!!! – Tracie Ann DaGemini Jul 31 at 15:13

The "offcut" in the valve head is useless - so there's no point in trying to save it. Your goal is to save the pump head.

Very first thing would be to make sure the lever is in the "loose" position. It may be locked when vertical, or when parallel to the hose. You need to remember which way is loose.

If you have access to left-hand drill bits or an easy-out then simply backing one of them into the valve hole might be enough to pop it free. Another way to get purchase is to use a torx head driver of a suitable size, ranging from a t10 to a t20, and hammer it into the hole. The lands on the torx driver can cut in to get extra grip. It may destroy the torx bit.

You might choose to put some liquid penetrating oil into the head to loosen the threads, but this risks damaging the rubber components, like seals and gaskets and possibly the hose as well. Perhaps this is a later option not a first line of attack. Daniel's suggestion of liquid soap is great advice here too.

Your last resort is to replace the pump's head. They can often be bought as upgrades from a reputable bike shop.

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    That head looks a lot like a couple I've had fail on me. OK for cars up to ~35psi, but no use on bikes or even my van at twice that; the thin sheet-metal surround eventually deforms – Chris H Apr 28 at 9:58
  • @ChrisH yep - I suspect this pump is one of those car tyre foot pumps. OP was asking about inflating sportsballs and it was a ball-needle adapter that broke. Could even be off topic here. – Criggie Apr 28 at 10:23
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    Near enough though. I have used such a pump for bikes (doubled barrelled; I had to push on the ceiling to get 100psi), and a valve needle with my track pump recently, so I'm inclined to think it's close enough. I've also seen those valves on pumps sold in the cycling section of cheap shops. – Chris H Apr 28 at 10:36
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    Rather than penetrating oil, use a liquid soap. – Daniel R Hicks Jul 31 at 16:59

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