Can 25mm tubeless tires fit on a wheel that previously had 22mm tubeless tires? I have a set of wheels that previously had 22mm tires on it. There is no description of tire compatibility listed on the wheels.


Generally road tubeless is road tubeless and going to the 25 should be fine.


I recommend tracking down the rim manufacturer's recommendations. Standards for road tubeless are still not completely settled, and manufacturer don't even agree on what makes for a safe setup. Tolerances are tighter than with tubed setups, and as this case suggests, putting on a tire that is a fraction of a millimeter too wide may result in a blowoff, which can be catastrophic.

That said, a 25-mm tire is not very wide. It's hard to imagine any rim manufacturer building a road rim these days that would be incompatible with it.


If it's any consolation; my road and gravel bike share the same wheelsets. All four sets are set up tubeless, have an inner width of 24mm, and I have mounted many dozens of tires on them. Sizes ranging from 700 x 23 up to 29 x 1.8" and everything in-between. No burps, no blown out beads, no problems other than changing out sealant, and re-taping the rim beds about every 2 years.

  • I would guess the OPs rims wil be much thinner.
    – Vladimir F
    May 13 '20 at 21:53
  • Perhaps, but along the same vein; I’m currently running a set of 2.3” MTB tires on a 19mm internal width rim.
    – jc allen
    May 14 '20 at 2:41

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