Serial number EY121000136 it's a 20 inch bmx bicycle

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    Read the suggested link from Daniel. Sadly the serial number can only be useful if you already know the manufacturer, AND they had a decent records system AND they look it up for you. It is nothing like an automotive VIN. – Criggie May 26 at 12:39
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    You could try adding a clear and well-lit photo of the bike from its right-hand side. And also a second photo of any particularly unique feature that might be recognisable. A head tube badge or decal, if nothing else. – Criggie May 26 at 12:40

By checking in the database of stolen bikes my guess is that it is a Raleigh something. A picture would help, though, to confirm this guess.

On top of the reason of the questions being closed will probably help you answering yourself your question.

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