Could someone tell me which tool I can use to remove the freewheel in the attached picture please. I do have a couple of freewheel tools but they don't fit this particular freewheel.




  • Well, first you remove the axle, or at least that lock nut. – Daniel R Hicks Jun 3 at 18:14

The Park Tool FR-3 should fit that.


enter image description here

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  • OP might find that the FR-2 style works as well, but with only 2 lugs there's a little less engagement. Also depends if this is a remove and dispose, or a remove and replace with a more-common freewheel fitting. – Criggie Jun 3 at 19:42
  • Thank you. Ideally it is a remove and replace. – Chris Jun 3 at 22:48

I bought an FR3 and it removed the freewheel in a few seconds. Thanks very much for your help :)


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  • If you consider this to be the "final" answer, click the checkmark next to it to mark the question answered. – Daniel R Hicks Jun 6 at 20:43

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