Will an Shimano M8000 brake lever blade fit a M8100? I broke my left blade, it's a Shimano XT M8100. I can only seem to find the replacement M8000 part. I don't want to replace the whole unit, seems like a waste.

Thank you!

EDIT, pics make everything better:

Here's the original M8100 lever blade:

enter image description here

and the M8000 lever blade:

enter image description here

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    By "brake lever part" do you mean the whole brake lever, or only the lever blade (bit of the level you pull with your finger)? – abdnChap Jun 16 at 10:05
  • Just the little bit I put my finger on :) Is there a better term I should use? I'm a noob. Thanks! – Jonathan S. Fisher Jun 16 at 12:26
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    The correct term for that particular part is "lever blade". I'm afraid I don't know if the new one is an exact match or not. They do look similar, I would suggest buying the lever blade from somewhere with a good returns policy, and buy it, compare and return if it won't fit. You can then answer your own question, and other people will know for the future. – abdnChap Jun 16 at 13:09

Ok this is exciting, I called around locally bikes owned bikes shops and asked if they had some scrap parts laying around. One of them had a Shimano SLX m7000 left brake assembly. I paid for the part and disassembled the lever. It is an exact fit. So, you can take a blade from the m7000 hydraulic series and put it on the newest m8100 hydraulic series! Fits like a glove.

KEEP all the parts from the existing brake handle! Use the existing spring, newer pin, newer retention screw, and newer rubber plug/bung!

Reassembling is tricky. I made a temporary paper pin to hold the assembling together. Then I put the assembly into place, then used the real metal pin to push out the paper pin.

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    Well done! Maybe if others test with different levers, they can comment on compatibility. – abdnChap Jun 16 at 20:47
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    +1 for keeping the parts... you're on the path to being a bike part hoarder like most of us :)) Well done with your fix. – Criggie Jun 17 at 5:17

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