I rescued a bike from the trash and want to convert from 7 speed to 9 speed. The biggest sprocket has "Lock Ring Type" printed on, so I assumed it was a 7 speed cassette (and I wanted to see if the free hub is a modern type that fits a 9 speed cassette).

However after taking the wheel out I noticed it looks like a freewheel rather than freehub with cassette. Why does it say "Lock Ring Type" on the biggest sprocket? Is this actually a freehub with a lockring that's unfamiliar to me?

I have included a picture (I removed the axle to have a closer look). Cassette or freewheel

  • It is bike24.com/p2273122.html – Vladimir F Jul 18 at 8:41
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    "megadrive" sounds like a knock off of the Shimano MegaRange freewheels with a very large low gear. – Criggie Jul 18 at 8:44
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    Pure speculation on my part but perhaps disassembly requires removal of the ring marked "Suunrace M1" using a suitable (but unknown) tool, instead of the typical 2 pin spanner on the more inner ring. – mikes Jul 18 at 20:47

It's a freewheel with some words on it. The tool splines will always spin with the cogs if it's a cassette.

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  • Do you expect the “lock ring type” to just be some nonsense marketing? – Superman.Lopez Jul 18 at 13:05
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    I suspect it's some kind of knockoff off the Shimano "Mega 7" design, which used a lockring instead of threaded cogs. sheldonbrown.com/mega7 – Nathan Knutson Jul 18 at 15:23

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