Today I looked into my steerer tube and saw this:

enter image description here

Since Im new to carbon frame, I cannot decide if this is a serious problem which has to be fixed asap, or just a minor scratch on the surface. It dosent look cracked, not deep, probably caused by my expander plug...

Thanks for your toughts, maybe some of you had the same issue


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    Looks like plastic foil? Could it be just the remains of the vacuum bag they use during manufacturing? – Michael Aug 1 at 6:06
  • I don't see any delamination and there aren't any exposed carbon fibers. Looks fine. – Andrew Henle Aug 1 at 12:17
  • Thanks for both of you! I took it to the local bike shop, they told me the same: it's fine :) – Graveladdict Aug 3 at 14:16

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