I have seen a racer for sale in BKK, for 2500 Baht, in a scrap yard. It is a bit of a hybrid, but the frame is apparently branded Vicini:

Vicini logo on the frame's down tube

The bicycle in full

However, the logo doesn't match that which I found on the web. This is the logo, on the bicycle that I found:

Logo on the head tube

This is the logo that I found on the web, from this page:

Vicini logo from the web

Does anyone know if this is a good brand, and whether I have found a dusty nugget of treasure, or is it just a no-brand fake clone? I have googled for Vincent branded bicycles and not come up with all that much.

Additional photos and info

FWIW, the rear derailleur mechanism is a Exage 300EX, the gear shifts are Shimano (although the photo is unfocused unfortunately), and the rear brake cable is threaded in-frame inside the top horizontal tube:

In-frame rear brake cable

The logo can also be seen on the seat tube:

Logo on the seat tube

Exage 300EX rear derailleur

Pedal crank arm

Gear shifters

Markings on handlebars

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    Note also that the classic "vicini" logomark was all lower-case.
    – DavidW
    Aug 10, 2020 at 15:33
  • That is interesting. You wouldn't happen to have a link to an image, would you? I'm wondering whether the logo on the bike is a new modernised version/look. Aug 10, 2020 at 17:07

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After going over the photos again, and then googling "Vicini Special Pro" (as is seen on the seat tube), I found this frame on eBay, going for over 200 Euros:

enter image description here

Even though the frame isn't exactly the same (the rear brake cable doesn't go inside the frame's top tube), the logos all look the same.

Another link shows a complete bike (with the same frame (brake cable internal)) going for 400 Euros (original image):

VICINI-Special-Pro-Retro-Stahl-Rennrad-Campagnolo-Veloce (enlarged)

I think that the whole bike for ~50 Euros (equivalent to 2500 baht) is probably worth it...

There's even an interesting Wikipedia page about Mario Vicini with the following information:

You can tell his frame and fork sets by the Vicini name stamped into the top end of the seat stay flutes and the V in the top of each side of the fork crown.

As DavidW states in his comment, the original logo was in lower case, like so (source):

Original Vicini logo

So, the logo appears to have had a "recent" revamp.

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