I'm trying to install some aftermarket hardwired lights to my eBike which is running a Shimano steps e5000 drive system (bike is a Reid urban+ ebike). I've verified that the lights work and are the correct voltage, however when I press the light button on the headunit nothing happens, no voltage on the light terminals, and no response from the display (usually would display a light icon and beep).

I've tracked the issue down to a setting that needs to be enabled in the e-tube project software called "light connection." (excerpt from e5000 manual below:)

enter image description here

So because I don't own the expensive linking device - I went and brought my bike to the local bike shop and asked them to just enable this setting. Unfortunately they've told me that they can't find this setting in the software - and it's near impossible to find a manual for the windows version of the e-tube project software (I've only been able to find this manual for the app version of e-tube project).

Does anyone know where to find this setting in the e-tube project software?


Shimano hides this kind of information behind its TEC site. This is for 'industry professionals', but you can register by selecting some random bike shop as your place of work, there are no checks.


Here are screenshots from the relevant course https://www.shimano-tec.com/mod/scorm/view.php?id=2310

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

I downloaded the software myself, and it was extremely easy to find the setting following these steps:

  1. from main menu click 'e-bike'
  2. screen appears as in the screenshots above, but without the components (since I do not own them)
  3. then after connecting to the computer and running 'connection check', you can select the 'drive unit' then click customize
  • Great and thanks for the tip about Shimano-tec, I'm shocked that this info isn't public! – protango Oct 2 '20 at 2:42

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