I'd like to build a wheel with an eight-speed Shimano Nexus gear hub with disk brakes.

Does someone know the difference between the SG-C6000-8D and the SG-C6001-8D?

For both, Sheldon Brown says "Three roller clutches, Band brake (? -- none shown in exploded drawing)/brakeless."

Thank you.

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Sheldon Brown died in 2008; C6000 came out in 2014, so you won't be getting His wisdom on that site in relation to these.

2014: https://productinfo.shimano.com/download/?path=pdfs/archive/2014-2015_Specifications_v020_en.pdf

gives 6010 (high efficiency) - 8R (roller brake) & 8V (v-brake)

also 6000 (standard efficiency) - 8R, 8V, 8C (coaster-brake)

2015 spec adds -8D (center lock disc) & 8CD (coaster brake with special five-bolt disc)

2016 spec adds 1, i.e. 6010 becomes 6011. And 6010 is deleted.

If one refers to any of the -11 or -01 diagrams, the changes are clear:



Y3EH98040 vs Y36V98030 Carrier Unit (01)


Y3EG98030 vs Y36W98030 (11)

the other change is hub axle unit

Y3EK98020 vs Y37N98020 (01)

Y3EH98050 vs Y37L98030 (11)

i.e. the hub axle unit & carrier unit were both changed because they were deficient in some way

Carrier unit is similar to this

enter image description here

Axle unit is similar to this


The same parts were also updated on Di2 and Alfine



So basically you can use either hub, but C6001 should be an improved version.

  • Thank you very much. Oct 1, 2020 at 20:03
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    The website is being updated by John Allen and Harriet Fell, but there's definitely some outdated info there. "Time and Tide and Tech wait for no one."
    – Criggie
    Oct 1, 2020 at 22:08

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