Does anyone have dimensions (width) for the stock saddle that comes with a Trek 520 2021 model? The Trek website simply describes it as "Bontrager Evoke"

  • In this particular case, you will find that Trek customer service is possibly the best in the bicycle industry and they should be able to answer this question if you call them directly. This is my experience of dealing with them in the past.
    – Noise
    Commented Oct 15, 2020 at 9:50

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There are several different Bontrager evoke saddles.
A quick search turns up the Evoke RL, Evoke RXL, Evoke R, Evoke 1, Evoke 1.5, Evoke 3.... It is difficult to know what changes were introduced between models or exactly which model is on the bike.

According to trekbicyclesuperstore the Evoke RL is 138mm wide

According to sweetpetes.com the Evoke 1 OEM saddle is 138mm wide

It's been my experience that published numbers may or may not represent:

  1. Reality
  2. How I would have measured it
    So a grain or so of salt may be needed.
  • The vendors usually try to keep the shape the same but add various features and better or lighter materials in higher-end variations. Not sure it is the case here, but it is quite common. Commented Oct 12, 2020 at 15:14
  • The subject of saddle dimensions did come up on a recent Bikefit.com podcast, and I think they would agree that there’s no industry standard on how to measure saddles. The parameter given should be something like width at the widest part, but as you said, define the widest part! However, 138mm should be a relatively narrow saddle; wide versions have quoted widths in the 150s or 160s, I believe.
    – Weiwen Ng
    Commented Oct 12, 2020 at 16:54

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