Id like to ask if anyone else has a viking gravity ebike with a internal frame battery pack which has a usb port included. Thing is i found out that it wasn't working even though its a brand new bicycle., So i investigated and uncovered it wasnt wired up at all in side the battery pack there wasn't.any adapter /wires even available for this feature to get connected up.Is this a flaw on my bike or has anyone else noticed this problem??? As why go through the process to fit something that is not going to be connected up to work? I'd like to see /hear any views as surely this is a massive waste of money on the manufacturers behalf and also annoying to the customers.

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    Did the specifications for the model you have include a USB port?. If so, its a fault, if not, it may be that the model or two up has it connected, and its cheaper and easier to ship all frames with the port than have two frame variations. – mattnz Oct 31 '20 at 22:27
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    The specs I find online for this bike do not mention a USB port as a feature. Your most authoritative answer will come from the maker, Hero Cycles in India. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viking_Cycle_Company which leads to herocycles.com – Criggie Nov 1 '20 at 0:47

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