Help me identify my bike please. I have a 20 inch aluminum BMX bike with the serial number ACM05F006110 I believe from the 80s?


Serial number is quite useless, but still, a bike with a similar serial number can be seen here: https://bikeindex.org/bikes/633505 enter image description here

Serial number may be similar by chance, or it may come from the same factory.

If your bike is similar to the bike depicted there, you may have got a bmx branded MCS, unlikely it is from 80s, likely to be some mass produced aluminium thing similar to a bicycle. The bike in the picture above is from 2005. Check this models gallery: https://bmxmuseum.com/bikes/mcs/ to see if yours is similar to any of them.

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    Plausible, but its also possible that the same Far East factory made frames for a dozen different bike "brands" Good find though. – Criggie Jan 28 at 11:06

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