I'm using a GoPro 9 set to "Looping", "Superview" mounted in a protective case on top of my cycle helmet. The video however is so speeded up as to be unusable as a cycle cam. I believe there was at least one firmware update while I was on the bench with an injury.

I turn it on using the "Quick Record" feature by pressing the "Record" button on top in lieu of the "Power" button on the side. This both powers the camera on and starts recording with a single button press.

Googling the problem only returned THIS, but I've checked the settings and neither "Time Lapse" or any other mode has been changed.

How do I record video at normal speed?!?!?

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    Would the video.stackexchange.com would be more suitable? – Criggie Feb 20 at 13:44
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    Not really: this was really a problem borne of its use as a cycle cam mounted on my helmet. Fumbling around, failing to get immediate feedback the cam was activated combined to give me the issue. If I was merely holding it in my hand while looking at it, probably wouldn’t have made the boo-boo that I did. So I could see other cyclists having the same issue for this particular use-case. But must admit, didn’t occur to mr to post it there. Much obliged for the feedback- much appreciated! – F1Linux Feb 20 at 13:50
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    I’m voting to close this question because it is programming on a boat. – Swifty Feb 21 at 13:08
  • @Swifty GoPro's are probably the most popular cycle cam in use, so I felt other's were likely to bump into the same issue. Was only trying to save others cyclists the time & effort of solving the same problem. As you know Swifty I'm very democratic and take on board the views of others in the community. If they decide that the question is inappropriate, then one is only left to be gracious and accept the verdict. Your feedback is always much appreciated- – F1Linux Feb 21 at 13:52
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    @Swifty does it really count as question, when it's answered by the author in a minute after posting it? – ojs Feb 25 at 6:59

A potential firmware update being the cause was a red herring; no fault was introduced via any FW update. Nor were any settings incorrect. The "fault" was in fact a "feature":


If you long-press the "Record" button on top of the GoPro for 3 seconds it initiates "Time Lapse" with "Quick Capture" and overrides the manual settings.

This is why you clearly see "Time Lapse" is active in the videos, but you can't see any evidence of it when you check your settings: Long-Pressing only sets it non-persistently making it difficult to troubleshoot.

Since the GoPro is in a protective case, when reaching up on top of my helmet activating it with gloves on, I was mashing the button down for too long because the camera doesn't give immediate feedback that it's actually on. Be warned...

That devil was buried in the "Using Quick Capture" section of the GoPro Manual on page 44 of the GoPro 9 PDF User Guide.

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