Basically, after a few months of riding my bike, the pedal arms start to loosen up every few weeks after skidding/backpedaling. I ended up having to pedal with one foot for at least 2kms today (I know, bad idea). enter image description here

What is a possible fix for this problem? I definitely saw metal dust from abrasion. Also may have seen a bit of worn thread on the pedal-arm. Someone told me to replace the self-extracting bolt on the NDS. There’s more to see in the photos I’ve added. enter image description here

I greatly appreciate all your contributions, this really helps me out.enter image description here

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What is a possible fix for this problem?

Loctite. Blue.

I have an FSA-based SRM power meter where the self-extracting crank bolt simply will not stay properly torqued without using Loctite. That's probably pretty similar to the problems you're having. And I'm not backpedaling or skidding with that bike...

I bought the SRM crankset used, so maybe it was ridden with a loose bolt and the crankarm/spindle interface was damaged/distorted prior to my purchasing it, similar to what happens with a square-taper crankset.

I replaced the self-extracting bolt, and that didn't help.

But using blue Loctite works for me.

If that doesn't work for you, you might have to replace your crankset.

I don't recommend red Loctite...

  • Permatex makes a fancy orange intermediate strength threadlocker that would be nice here. – MaplePanda yesterday

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