I need help with this logo, I cannot find any clear answers... The frame is aluminum, the rear dropouts have this logo stamped and the bottom bracket does have two sets of serial numbers.

enter image description here

  • I've been working on finding your logo. Would you post a picture of the frame along with your current picture? It would give me more to go on. – David D Mar 2 at 17:20
  • a picture of the entire bike would help a lot more, looks aluminum from the welds? – BillyNair Jul 2 at 1:00

Possibly a THRODWN. The BMX brand was started in 2015.

  • I am pretty sure I remember seeing this logo back in the 90s, but, if I am not mistaken, it was like a walmart bike brand, not a major "Contender" – BillyNair Jul 2 at 1:02

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