I bought some second-hand Crank Bros Eggbeater pedals. They came in the original box, apparently with all the bits except the cleats. (That's fine. CB cleats are effectively a consumable.)

One of the bits is a pair of plastic pieces I don't recognize. I'm still working on getting a photo from my phone in a place I can upload it, but in the meantime, please enjoy these ASCII drawings:

  ___     ,     ,       ___
 / _ \    |__   |__    /   \
( (_) )   |▓▓   |__   (  *  )
 \___/    |     |      \___/
 Front   Side   Side    Back

Each piece is a plastic disc with a knurled edge. From the disc, a ring is extruded, with threading on the outside of the ring. The ring's inner diameter is 10mm, and the outside is ~13.5mm. The outside diameter seems to be the same as a pedal spindle diameter, but the threading has a different pitch. There's also a very small hole through the centre of the disc, so it can't be used to seal anything.


Without a picture it sounds like the grease port tool

grease gun and port tool

This picture was found in this article on rebuilding eggbeater pedals.

The Crank Brothers Eggbeater pedals, however, require periodic lubrication. A maintenance interval of once per season seems to be the general consensus.

As the Eggbeaters come with a grease port attachment, I purchased a grease gun

Evidently Eggbeater supplies the fitting but someone there does not recommend using it.

It seems like a painless, 5-minute job: remove dust cap; install grease port attachment; squirt in new grease, wipe off the old grease (pushed out from the seals on the inboard side); reinstall dust cap; and you are done.

Call me anal, but I decided to double-check with the manufacturer — and I am glad I did:


Thank you for your e-mail. ...we would suggest not using the grease port. We would rather you take the spindle out and grease it like that. Just unscrew the endcap and take the nut off - then pull the spindle out and re-grease.

Hopefully this helps,


Anka Martin
Customer Service


Here is another article with slightly better pictures.
grease gun, cleats, shims, and grease port tool

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    Thanks! That's definitely the part in those pictures. And the "Hey, we gave this to you, but don't use it" official guidance is probably why the CB pedals I had bought (new) in the past did not come with the grease port.
    – Michael
    Mar 11 '21 at 20:05

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