With the wheel mounting system like on the photos (sorry for poor quality - this is the best my phone can do) - is my only option to dismount a wheel is to use a wrench? Wheels: CUBE RA 0.8 CX. On the left side it seems that there's a visible thread but I'm not sure what is it for. The ride side shows the end of the axle so I guess nothing to do there.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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    I wonder if the axle you have is the right one for the frame and too short - there is a lot of thread exposed in the right side. Worth a read - wheelbuilder.com/blog/thru-axles-demystified- - the correct axle needs to be the right length, have the right amount of thread of the right pitch, and have the right seat. – mattnz Mar 11 at 23:52
  • Wow, that's actually a very useful note @mattnz. The reason I started to look at the the wheel now is that I found out that the casette is a bit loose. I'll see if I can get LBS to install a proper axle – Zloj Mar 12 at 7:16

That looks like a thru-axle that has lost its handle. You can see the threaded bit in the first photo where a handle should have been bolted in. This can happen if the retaining bolt vibrates loose during a ride.

enter image description here

Luckily the axle has flats so can be removed with a wrench but you’ll want to track down a new axle for when you need to remove the wheel by hand when out on the road/trail.

It’s probably a 12mm x 142mm rear thru-axle but length will need measuring against the current part along with the seat type (square or conical) , thread pitch and thread length. The frame manufacturer (Cube) might provide you with an exact specification.

This blog discusses the technical differences in depth very well.

EDIT Changed last paragraph because thru-axles are not standardised.

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    No all thru-axles have handles, I know mine has none, it needs a allen-key 5 to remove. – Pelle Mar 12 at 8:09
  • @pelle true, and a few have QR style cams to lock in place. Any replacement just needs to fit to length. – Warren Burton Mar 12 at 8:40
  • Not just length, thread pitch and seat can also vary. Bicycle component standards are now a dogs breakfast straight out of XKCD xkcd.com/927 – mattnz Mar 12 at 20:51
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    @mattnz yeah , I noticed that blog too and edited the post. It’s like everyone wants their own proprietary version and good luck finding a replacement 5 years down the track. – Warren Burton Mar 12 at 21:43

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