I’m trying to figure out the maker of my great grandmothers bike thanks for any help

enter image description here



I think this answers your question.

Your headbadge is slightly different, probably older.

enter image description here

See also https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunbeam_Cycles

Also http://historywebsite.co.uk/Museum/Transport/bicycles/Sunbeam.htm

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    How did you find it? Did you know about Sunbeam before?
    – Klaster_1
    Apr 12 at 6:46
  • 3
    @Klaster_1 it's a very famous old manufacturer. The special feature is a fully enclosed chain that runs through an oil bath and ''lasts forever''
    – JoeK
    Apr 12 at 7:11
  • "very famous" among bike connoisseur :) !
    – EarlGrey
    Apr 12 at 7:47

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