Ive bought a spinning bike to help in lockdown, and its ace...I want to change the pedals to a clipless set. I bought some clipless pedals, but the thread on the pedal is way smaller than the ones coming off. I read about and bought an adapter, but its on marginally larger. Is what I'm trying to do possible, there only seem to be 2 pedal sizes and each would be way to small to fit my crank. Is it possible I have a crank that only fits its own pedal size??. Any help would be appreciated as I'm a set of pedals shoes and an adapter down at the moment.

Many thanks

  • This topic has come up 3-4 times recently. Many stationary bikes use pedals that do not have a "standard" thread, so replacement can be difficult. Apr 19 at 19:58
  • You've asked the same question as last time. Closing as duplicate. Consider adding photos to your other question, linked above.
    – Criggie
    Apr 20 at 0:13

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