My bar tape has been wearing out on the left where my palm meets the bar with I ride on the hoods, but not on the right. I've noticed the same thing on the gloves I usually wear.

Is this cause by how I'm cycling or is it more to do with bike fit? I can't think of why there would be an imbalance if it was to do with fit.

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    Do you have left or right hand traffic? Here in right hand traffic I have to signal much more often with my left hand. In which order do you go down to the drops? I haven’t observed this personally yet, my bar tape usually wears down from crashes or because I lean the bike against walls. – Michael Apr 20 at 10:08
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    Are you left- or right-handed, there may also be an imbalance in your grip, like holding the bar tighter with you left hand – Carel Apr 20 at 10:34
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    Have you ever checked your arms to see if they are the same length? Serious suggestion - none of us are perfectly symmetrical. Could even be a spinal curve or a hip imbalance, which makes you habitually lean to the left, unconsciously. – Criggie Apr 20 at 10:58
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    Also look at storage. That sounds a little high on the bar tape to be from habitual scuffing against a wall, but it's possible depending on how you hold the bars. This could also lead to grit, which would abrade your gloves – Chris H Apr 20 at 12:53
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    @Michael, left hand traffic here, not sure if I would signal either side more than the other though. I probably lead with the right into drops and because the wear is on the top of the bar, I don't think its from walls. – Mick Apr 20 at 14:56

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