i have a Alivio m3100 Cassette cs Hg400 (12-36T) and m3100 rd, can i installed a 2x crankset Gxp (28-38T) on my drivetrain alivio???enter image description here


Specifically to your question, your bicycle's bottom bracket will define the crankset type (GPX, BB30, BSA...) - not your groupset.

However, when upgrading cranksets you need to also consider a number of other factors like derailleur capacity.

The Alivio groupset supports 3x and 2x cranksets, according to the Shimano product page: https://bike.shimano.com/en-AU/product/component/alivio-m3100.html

The rear derailleur Alivio RD-M3100-SGS has a total capacity of 45T so keep that in mind when selecting the chainring sizes (More details here)

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