I recently bought a Thule CX2 Chariot with jogging kit. The front wheel tracks to the right.

The jogging kit consists of two aluminium arms, a wheel and a quick release skewer.

When I look at the arms, installed side by side, one side is higher the other.

Any thoughts on how to balance them out?

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One arm has an adjusting knob that forwards/retracts it, therefore correcting the trajectory deviation. See the blue Knob and the black plastic that it moves on the picture bellow.

enter image description here

No need to overadjust it, since small changes in how the wheel and/or arms are inserted will change the trajectory center the next time. Just make it good enough and correct small deviations by pushing the cart unevenly.

  • I guess this is for a more recent version of the kit than I have.
    – jakethedog
    Jul 21, 2021 at 11:50

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