I managed to pick this Viscount bicycle up from my local scrapyard along with a 1987 women’s BSA bicycle. Both of these bicycles work. The Viscount has a sticker on it saying triple champion 1981 so I presume that is the year the bicycle was made. Does anyone have any information about the company or the bicycle? enter image description here


Based on my research with a little work and a possible fork replacement you have a nice riding bike.

It is difficult to read the label on the top tube given the blurry picture (I suppose it could be my eyes) but that should be the name of the model.

Viscount bicycles were made for about 10 years. The produced a variety of models at various price points and quality levels.

In the 1970's an English "ærospace" company built, under the names "Lambert" and "Viscount", surprisingly inexpensive, very lightweight bikes made with "ærospace" tubing. Now, that, in itself is not as impressive as it might sound since the aerospace industry specs a pretty wide variety of steel tubes for different applications.

The tubing used was straight-gauge chrome-moly steel; the Viscount version of the bike had a detailed sticker on the seat tube detailing the type of tubes used, throwing in a few references to military specs, etc. Lambert Bicycles were later called "Viscounts" after the company was purchased by Trusty in 1975 or 1976.

The bikes were built with a fork design that earned the name "Death Fork"

The bikes (both Lamberts and Viscounts) came with a cast aluminium (aluminum) fork which was pinned to a steel steerer tube. Early production didn't even have the pin. This fork was the main problem as it had a tendency to snap off the steerer tube with predictably unfortunate consequences to the rider.

Yamaha purchased the Viscount in 1978 or so and promptly recalled every cast aluminum fork ever sold on a Viscount or Lambert, replacing them with a chromed steel Tange fork. enter image description here

Lambert & Viscount Bikes Blog

Despite successes in various races and being named as bicycle of the year in 1980, the marque seems to have disappeared completely by 1982 or 1983.

The Lambert & Viscount Bikes blog is very extensive with links to other resources.

  • Right - sounds like its time for an urgent magnet test on the fork to see if its steel or aluminium all over ! Great find !
    – Criggie
    Jun 9 at 5:39
  • The bike has no other stickers apart from the viscount ones and the one on the seat tube. The bike luckily does have steel forks because I had heard about the death fork and tested it with a magnet. It is a good bike for riding especially for the fact that it was free and the wheels were given to me Jun 15 at 19:28
  • @MatthewBunting In the picture it looks like there is pink/red writing on the top tube just behind the head tube.
    – David D
    Jun 15 at 19:33
  • Unfortunately that only says Viscount. The only different sticker is one on the seat post that says “Viscount high tensile tubing” Jun 16 at 21:05

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