I jumped off a curb at speed and the front fork popped loudly like a balloon, except louder and at a lower frequency. Now my forks make a squishy sound and have gone soft. perhaps the pneumatic cylinder burst it's seal and just the metal spring is working? I'm going to change it ASAP. It's a basic 2008 Manitou fork.

What could have happened, is it common? Is it just an O-ring that I can fix at home?

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    Get the fork serviced, replacements for that era, that are as good as the Manitou, are hard to get. It is likely an internal seal or -oring gone, either in the air spring, or in the dampener. If teh stanchions are not worn or scratched, servicing should be all it needs to get it as good as new. – mattnz Jun 16 at 2:36

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