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I am looking at SRAM AXS compatibility chart and I am confused, and can not find support on local shops here in Warsaw, Poland which are mostly Shimano-focused.

I would like to get this Trek Emonda SL6 etap rival

And I would like to have an option to use is for triathlons (mostly 70.3 and Olympic distance) so I would like to add triathlon extension bars and would love to put on their ends the SRAM ETAP CLICS.

QUESTION: And I am not sure if I will be able to make it working together even with ETAP AXS™ BLIPBOX ?


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The Rival levers don't have ports for auxillary shifters the way Red and Force do. I don't believe there's a way of making this work with Rival. The derailleurs want to be paired with either a set of Doubletaps or the Blipbox, but I don't think they have any ability to be controlled by both in the same installation.

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