I currently have a badly broken 10-speed X9 shifter. I can replace it relatively cheaply, I think, with a GX 10-speed, available at a local store. I believe that all 10-speed SRAM shifters are interchangeable, but I wanted to double check. So, 2 questions:

  1. Will this have any problems working with my X9 rear derailleur?
  2. Vastly less important, but a curiosity... How similar to the X9 shifter would the feel and function be? It seems to be about the same lever layout, but beyond that it's hard to tell.
  • A little information for future generations... The replacement has been perfect, with no compatibility problems at all, as predicted by @JoeK. The feel and function are nearly indistinguishable from the X9 I had. The X9 is a long line of components, so I can only speak for my generation, but it has been a painless transition with muscle memory having no problems in the switchover.
    – Andrew
    Apr 4, 2022 at 20:23

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1.compatability is 100 percent

  1. Maybe not exactly the same but the Gx is a good shifter.

  2. You can go 11speed with an Apex1 shifter plus 11sp cassette and chain. There is a reason why mtb 11/12 uses a new actuation ratio though.

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