The link, best as I can extract it: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPqwbpMKmSm-noaaUrWOg9vwT-NsmKlunFvknVfCcUNY7eJGKzgFoK3ShSC06o2dw?pli=1&key=dTNWYlFiVHJUenFNVHpZVEJQbkxRaG40ZGJsZFhB

enter image description here

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1966 Murray Wildcat Deluxe frame



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    Very similar but not identical, could be a different year. The chain case above is more squared off at the front and pointier at the rear, Maybe the angle, but the lower top-tube pictured seems to taper at the front as well. Still its in the right ballpark, so +1 for the find.
    – Criggie
    Oct 13 at 0:32
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    ah, @Criggie, I think your concerns are misguided. The year could be any in a decade but the rear dropouts are unique to Murray. The chaincase on Jay's bike is from a schwinn. I'm totally just doing this one for the points, but there is solid info here for Jay to work with to finish his research..
    – JoeK
    Oct 13 at 13:05

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