26 frame. Red w/fade to purple paint. Labels; Cannondale F600 Headshok. Letters & #'s stamped bottom of frame as "FL" "11250" "00211" & "5F5W19" These are close guesses but guesses they are & as close as I can get to identify the writing. Believe it is 26" frame. Believe it is 21 speed Shimano "deoer" derailleur. "Rhynolite" rims? Sunrims? WTG Velociraptor 47/52 tires?

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    Pictures needed - clear and well lit from the right-hand side. Commented Oct 29, 2021 at 2:25

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It's a Cannondale F600 mountain bike, perhaps like this one


Probably it's a 19" Large frame with 26" wheels. It would have been a really nice bike but is probably 15 years old or more now.

It seems like you already know what you have, for the most part.

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