Rockshox Reverb collapsed on itself a few weeks back: turns out the retaining clip rotted and gave away. The Rockshox service "repaired" the dropper and sent it back. In the meantime I purchased and installed a new dropper so the idea is to sell the Reverb. So I'm trying to figure out if the thing is ready to be installed.

Problem is that I cannot figure out how to re-install the dropper because of what appears to be missing parts: as you can see from the photos there doesn't seem to be a way of reattaching the hydraulic hose back to the dropper body.

  1. Can anybody confirm this is a B1?
  2. Which are the parts missing needed to install the dropper?

image1 image2 image3

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I had the same problem as in your photo, I bought a new dropper from Chain reaction as mine had stopped working and they had a serious discount on 2019 B1s it was almost as cheap as a repair kit. When I got my new one they had incompatible connectors - as in your photo... My old one (2017) was supposed to be B1 and the new one (2019 old stock) was sold as a B1. May be they changed the connector mid-term.

Initially I tried to buy the correct parts (the larger threaded end in your picture requires what is called a Short barb assembly) but then as I searched online I realised they are all interchangeable - and simple to do especially if you have the cable for both as was my case.


The hose end assemblies are removable so just remove the coupler part(s), whichever type you have / connectamajig or simple barb nut etc, eventually they all unscrew to leave you with a free pipe end - all exactly the same. They have different hose barbs but these unscrew too with a tiny torx in the centre of the barb or a spanner depending on type - it is obvious when you get there. Just swap the end connector assemblies over, bleed and you are good to go.

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