I have a mid 1990's MTB with 130mm OLD between dropouts. In order to fit a 9 speed Hyperglide cassette I switched the wheel for a modern 135mm and removed spacers on the non drive side. Works like a charm, it is effectively 131mm and the wheel fits without touching because it's a MTB chainstay with road tyres. The problem is the wheel is off centred and I don't want to dish with the spokes.

I am now looking to build a new wheel for this bike, 130mm, 9 speed Hyperglide Freehub, all nicely centred. It will be mounted on a 26 inches MTB rim for V-brakes with 1.5 tyres.

Will this road bike hub do the trick or do I need something else? Suggestion welcome!


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Yes, it will work without issue.

To make it work with 7-speed you'll just use a 4.5mm spacer that's made for the purpose behind the cassette.

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