I am going crazy here. I have a SA SRF3 mounted on a 16 inch wheel Dahon bike I bought second hand. The bike needed some love and I managed to put it to my liking. Unfortunately I reached a dead end with the SA hub. I am on my 50th attempt of setting up the the damn thing, I looked at countless online manuals and tip and tricks. There’s no way to know I have the right tension on the chain as I pull on it to the max and never see the start of the indicator rod, is it possible it’s too short? Or is there another way to adjust it? I am willing to buy an indicator rod but how to know the right length?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me

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It is correctly adjusted when the cable is quite taut (Plays a note when plucked) in the lowest gear and really quite slack in the highest gear. Your 1:1 middle ratio should then be in correct adjustment.

Replacement indicator rods are cheap but provided you can get your lowest gear, you shouldn’t need one.

Sturmey Archer S-RF3


  • 3 Speed internal gear hub without brake (freewheel)
  • 175mm axle length
  • Classic 3 speed gear ratio of 177%


  • Hub Shell Material: 6061 Aluminium
  • Axle Diameter: 13/32" Slotted
  • Axle Length: 175.0mm
  • Over Locknut Dimension: 127mm
  • Right Axle Protrusion Length: 24mm
  • Left Axle Protrusion Length: 24mm
  • Spoke Holes: 36H
  • Pitch Circle Diameter: 67mm
  • Center to Flange Right: 28.6mm
  • Center to Flange Left: 28.0mm
  • Flange Width: 53mm
  • Spoke Compatibility: 13g or 14g
  • Sprocket Teeth: 13T through 22T
  • Chain Line: 1/8" Flat 43.1mm
  • Chain Line: 1/8" Dished 41.5mm, 44.9mm
  • Chain Line: 3/32" Flat 42.7mm, 43.5mm
  • Chain Line: 3/32" Dished 41mm, 45mm
  • Indicator Chain: HSA420 Mark 5
  • Weight: 1060g

Gear Ratios:

  • Overall Range: 177%
  • Gear 1: 75% (-)25%
  • Gear 2: 100% Direct Drive (Gear 1 + 33%)
  • Gear 3: 133% (+)33% (Gear 2 + 33%)

Includes SL-S30 3 Speed Thumbshifter and 1/8 Inch 18T Dished Sprocket.


It sounds like your indicator chain is too short.

According to the parts list for the S-RF3 hub here is the correct part number for the indicator chain based on axle length.

enter image description here
enter image description here

With the correct indicator chain installed the adjustment instructions provided in the manual should work.

enter image description here

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