My road bike has a 10 speed Shimano CS-HG500 cassette (11-32), and I would like to buy a new one for the indoor trainer. Unfortunately I don't find any 10 speed road cassette on stock(eu), but I found a 10 speed SLX CS-HG81 (11-32). Can I just put this on my roadbike, or what is the difference basically between the two cassettes (MTB and road) when the parameters are the same?

Thanks, Mate

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The colour/finish/surface treatment and construction of the largest sprockets' carrier is different. However, from a technical perspective, they are interchangeable. Even the individual ratios between the 11 and 32 cog are the same:

I think you would not notice the difference when riding. All the shimano 10s cassettes have the same sprocket spacing so from that perspective are fully interchangeable.

I believe that the SLX is a better quality part.


With 10-speed, no problem to mix MTB and road cassettes. From 11-speed, road cassettes requires a 1.85mm longer freehub body (only the ones with the largest sprocket that is smaller than 34T though).


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