In 1992, "Freunde fürs Leben" (friends for life), a German TV series, began airing in which one of the protagonists, a doctor, was always carrying around his high-end luxury bike for fear of it being stolen. Unfortunately, I haven't been entirely successful in identifying which model it is, exactly.

Here's a rather good picture of the actor and the bike:


The head tube should indicate that it's a Panasonic. However, every Panasonic from that era I could find had a rather orthodox geometry, with round tubes.

What I did find is the similarity with a Colnago C35.


Given the shared history of the Panasonic pro team and Colnago, it somehow makes sense. But there are some differences between the C35 and my bike in question.

Here is a clip with a good look at the bike:

Please tell me if you need additional angles; I'll have a look, then.

Thank you all very much!

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It looks like the bike in this post.

enter image description here

A stunning custom monocoque carbon Panasonic bike that was locked up outside the Bike Museum in Sakai, Osaka earlier this month...

enter image description here
According to translate the sticker says "kashiwabra grapes". Not sure what to make of that.

And this catalog page
enter image description here

(translated) Speaking of road racers at that time, Kuromori was still the main > player.

Before Shimano's hand shifting was born. Dura's 74 series Campagnolo is a C record. The silver of the anodized aluminum was sparkling.

Panasonic quickly commercialized a carbon monocoque frame and took it by surprise.

Here is the picture translated
enter image description here

Here is a page that says it's a:

Panasonic B-OCQ 1990
enter image description here

A road bike from the good old days when Panasonic was full of challenge. The lightest road bike at the time made of carbon monocoque. Although it is now a heavy category in terms of weight, Creating this shape in this era Selling this in this era I think it is something we should be proud of as a manufacturer of Japan.

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    Thank you so much! What an incredible bike for the time; obscure enough to evade my Google skills. That Y 450.000 sticker price converts to $ 3.000 in 1990's money! No wonder the protagonist carried his bike around. The production company couldn't have afforded a second one. Commented Sep 26, 2022 at 19:00
  • @KlausPeter I've ridden a wheel of that design. It was terrifying when a spoke broke on a descent and the wheel jammed in the frame, and the replacement spoke was 30x what a normal spoke cost. But it looks so fast !
    – Criggie
    Commented Sep 29, 2022 at 2:06
  • I live in Japan. The tt sticker is probably the owner’s name. Kashiwara is a common family name. Budo would be an unusual name or could be a nickname. Commented May 15 at 8:41

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