To remove a Rohloff sprocket, I need this Sprocket Remover Tool:

enter image description here

Do I also need the lock ring tool? If not, what is the lock ring tool required for?

enter image description here

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The tool needed to remove a Rohloff sprocket depends on the O.L.D (Over Locknut Dimension) of the hub. The following picture from Sheldon Brown illustrates the O.L.D measurement on a Shimano Deore rear hub (135 mm in that case):

O.L.D on Shimano Deore hub

Rohloff has 3 different sprocket remover tools (O.L.D between parentheses):

Sprocket removal tools

You only need one of those to remove a threaded sprocket or a splined sprocket that is installed either on the splined sprocket carrier Art. #8540 or Art. #8540S.

The lock ring removal tool Art. #8518 you mentioned is only needed to remove/install the lock ring used with splined sprocket carrier Art. #8540L and Art. #8540SL. Those sprocket carriers are mostly used for the Gate Carbon Drive splined sprocket which is for using a belt instead of a chain. The following picture shows the lock ring (black) with the belt sprocket (silver):

Carbon drive sprocket and lock ring

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