I got this bike more than 5 years ago and I don't remember its model. Every clue/reply to this post will help!

enter image description here


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    Some close-ups of the decals might help. Commented Nov 5, 2022 at 19:17
  • It looks a bit like the 'Atala Mitho', except for some details such as the breaks. Maybe a different year? Why do you want to know?
    – Berend
    Commented Nov 5, 2022 at 21:18
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    I'm fairly sure it's a "Winner Cheetah 18-speed MTB". And knowing the exact model isn't important because almost all parts except the frame itself are standard between brands.
    – ojs
    Commented Nov 5, 2022 at 22:45
  • Why do you need to know? Commented Nov 10, 2022 at 14:15

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It's a fairly low-end bike with 26 or perhaps 24 inch wheels. The V brakes suggest that it is at least 5 years old and could be up to 20 years though I'd guess 10-15 based on the lack of boots on the front suspension stanchions.

The front shifter appears to be a thumb lever on a triple crankset, which also suggests a price-conscious design. 18/3 is 6 speed on the rear, which could be a cassette but is more likely to be a 14:28 freewheel.

There is very little space between the seat-tube and the rear triangle, so this bike could hit its own frame on any harder landing. The rider must be a kid or very small adult to reduce this risk.

And it has a kickstand, a common sign of a kid's bike. Nobody riding MTB would have something like that which could deploy on a landing and cause a problem.

It looks like a perfectly rideable bike, albeit for a smaller/younger person. Absolutely fine for riding paths and trails, though probably not suitable for anything aggressive or stunts or big drops.

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    The small space between the seat tube and rear triangle does not appear to be a point of contact on a hard landing as the rear triangle will move forward from that point of reference (the pivot is in the BB area), not up into the seat tube.
    – Ted Hohl
    Commented Nov 6, 2022 at 16:44

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