Let me try to explain my situation.

We have three bikes. We probably have about 3 or 4 locations where we may leave the bike (home, work, parent's place etc.)

We don't want to be carrying a light everywhere as most times we ride in the day time, so my plan is to leave one light at each place.

We have a bunch of lights already but each light generally come with one plastic mounting thing (that thing you put on your handle bar so the light will sit on) and all the lights I have seem to have different types of mounts.

So I guess I got two problems.

1) One light only has one mount, therefore one light can only go on one bike. 2) If I want to put a different light at each place, I pretty much need to put about a couple of mounts on each of the bikes.

I guess one solution is to throw away my existing lights and just invest in 4 of the same brand of lights. But just in case, is there like adjustable mounts I can get which would fit all lights and for which I can essentially just mount on each bike and each light would fit on it?

I've also heard of Knog Frog lights which seem convenient but they look too small to be safe for me.


One option for front lights would be to replace them with torches and rubber/velcro mounts such as below, these would be interchangeable and fit pretty much anything - I have even got my iPhone on to one.

Light Bike Mount

As for rear lights you may have to invest in 3 sets of the same light. alternatively in the past I have had to DIY mounts using elastic bands in emergency (not long term solution).

Elastic Band Rear Light

Otherwise consider carrying the lights with you! in the long run it's probably more sensible to have one set that you can keep track of battery wise and condition wise.

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    ah those velcro straps seem really good. what are they called? Can you post a link to somewhere I can buy them? – Diskdrive Mar 30 '12 at 8:08
  • I got mine off ebay - bit.ly/H8gopv - hope that helps! – Wez Mar 30 '12 at 15:12
  • another option would be to helmet mount as discussed here - bicycles.stackexchange.com/q/8781/3361 – Wez Apr 2 '12 at 23:55

If you only use the lights rarely, then you could leave a roll of electrical tape at each location. You can take the light mountings off your bikes. If you need a light tape it on, and afterwards throw away the bit of tape you used.

For front lights tape over the light and under the bar, and back up over the light crossing the first taping at 90 degrees, and go under the bar again. For back light it might be trickier as depending on the design, tape may end up going over the lens.

Anyway, you'll have to make the judgement as to whether this is suitable as a cheap solution. If you want something more permanent, perhaps buying a matching lights would be the best way.

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